SDC facilitates JRP community engagement meetings in Galdogob town and Bursalah village.

We recently conducted comprehensive community engagement activities in Galdogob District, Mudug Region, Somalia, under the SDC-JRP project. This initiative aims to enhance household and community resilience, improve food security, and strengthen local systems for effective livelihood services. Key activities included community meetings, educational sessions on sustainable agricultural practices, and collaborative sessions with local government officials to align project goals with regional development plans. Field visits were also organized to assess the implementation of agricultural technologies by local smallholder farmers. These efforts aim to foster community ownership, build local capacity, and ensure the sustainability of project outcomes.

In Bursalah village, we met with 16 selected beneficiary farms to provide detailed information about the JRP project and ensure everyone was on the same page before starting distributions and other activities. A similar meeting was held with another group of 16 beneficiaries farms in Galdogob city. These meetings, along with regular community interactions, have significantly increased awareness and ownership among community members, improved communication, and enhanced collaboration. We extend our gratitude to our partners at WFP and government line ministries, local community leaders and government agencies for their invaluable support.

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